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Million Dollar Donation Shows Two-Levels of Care


MAHC spilled much ink in recent weeks boasting about the million dollar donation it received from housing magnate Peter Gilgan.  He said the donation was in response to the “excellent” care he and his friends had received. Unfortunately, the ordinary patient, and especially the elderly, may not be so lucky.  It’s no surprise that the rich and powerful get a better level of care at MAHC.   As revealed on these pages more than a year ago, when my mother was a patient there for three months, and subjected to more than 4,000 medical errors of all kinds and a level of neglect that placed her life at risk on a daily basis, I was told by a nursing supervisor that she would be receiving a much better standard of care if she were the mother of a prominent person or a politician.

Basking in the glow of Mr. Gilgan’s philanthropy has no doubt been a pleasant experience for MAHC’s management and board, who have otherwise been confronted by the fact that the hospital’s conduct as documented on this site has made it a world-wide template for how not to treat a patient and family.  No doubt it has also been a happy time for Mr. Gilgan, whose generosity is impressive.  Unfortunately, it does nothing to change the fact that patients and families are vulnerable when they are placed in a culture like MAHC’s that won’t own up to its mistakes and tries to cover them up with threats and lies.

More on the topic of money: If MAHC had addressed the problems with my mother’s care in an honest and forthright manner, instead of hiring one of the most high-priced law firms in Canada to threaten my family with legal action, it might have saved close to $100,000.  That would have been enough to hire back some of the staff it laid off.  



Sudden Change?


After lagging the provincial average, MAHC suddenly announced it leads in hand hygiene compliance, based on its own non-verified reporting.  But can you really trust the word of a hospital that inflicts a record number of medical errors on a patient, then refuses to acknowledge any occurred and tries to muzzle the family with legal action?  Transparency and accountability?  Maybe it’s not just VA hospitals in the U.S. that are prepared to fudge the books in order to make things look better than they are.  


MAHC Pharmacy admits serious shortcomings with “old” computer system


Ont Public Reporting

Latest Official Figures Confirm Dangerous Lags in Patient Safety at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC)

In October 2013, MAHC reported the worst score of the 97 hospitals in its class (large community) in Ontario for Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI) with 1.82 cases per 1,000 patient days. CDI is frequently a fatal infection for older patients and those with serious complications.

In hand hygiene compliance, MAHC ranks in the bottom 10 percent of all 97 hospitals in its class.

In hospital deaths, MAHC ranks higher than the Canadian and Ontario averages, according to the latest figures from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

Clearly, the patient upon which MAHC inflicted a record number of medical errors is not the only one adversely impacted by the hospital’s questionable practices and poor patient safety record. 



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